QED buys mutated humans vs. wolves spec Yellowstone Falls

Last Updated on July 22, 2021

QED has acquired Dan Kunka's spec script YELLOWSTONE FALLS, an unusual 'versus' tale that pits wolves against mutated humans set to be produced by Kevin Misher and QED’s Bill Block, according to Deadline.

Kunka, who most recently sold his script BERMUDA TRIANGLE to Warner Bros, with Charles Roven and Madhouse producing, has been on a roll lately, also selling his spec script AGENT OX to Sony and producer Neal Moritz, and his CRIME OF THE CENTURY with Chris Morgan producing and Dan Trachtenberg directing. However, the script to YELLOWSTONE FALLS is unusual in that it was 52 pages, with few human characters and essentially no dialogue. Here's how it has been described:

The action begins after an apocalyptic event that saps the humanity from most of the mutated humans that remain. At its core, it’s the story of a mother wolf, separated from her mate as the rest of the pack flees to safety, is forced to defend her cubs from the oncoming swarm.

It's a cool premise that almost sounds like one of those old nature documentaries with a genre element thrown in. It'll certainly be different, that's for sure. Worth keeping an eye on.

More on YELLOWSTONE FALLS as we hear it.

Source: Deadline

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