Ratner wants Pattinson

When they were handing out superhero franchises, it appears that Brett Ratner was late to the party. He managed to get his hands on X-MEN 3, but as for his own series? It seems the only thing left in the bin was YOUNGBLOOD.

The series is from Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld and it follows a government-backed superhero team lead by a codpiece-wearing archer named “Shaft.” Really. And who does Ratner want for the part? He recently spilled his guts to MTV about his dream man for the role. “Definitely [Robert Pattinson] from ‘Twilight…He just feels like he belongs in that world. I don’t only see him as a vampire, he’s a really good actor…. [Pattinson] could do anything. He just has that look…I picture him on Youngblood, for sure.”

To me, Ratner, Pattinson and YOUNGBLOOD is a match made in heaven. Without trying to be to mean here, YOUNGBLOOD is frankly a throwaway series, and I’m ten times more pumped about even the NAMOR movie. Ratner lost me for good after RUSH HOUR 3 was the laziest bit of filmmaking I’ve ever seen. And Pattinson? I will say that given the script he has to work with in TWILIGHT, he does a very adequate job.

This just might be a perfect storm of mediocrity. And it’ll only cost $10 to witness.

Source: MTV

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