Reboot: Hulu comedy from Modern Family creator canceled after its first season

The meta satire from Steve Levitan has been given the boot, but will there still be a chance for the show to get saved?

Last Updated on February 8, 2023

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It’s like a bloodbath with all the shows announced to have given the axe by their respective networks. First, HBO would shock fans last year by canceling Westworld among the list of slashed shows by HBO Max. Netflix has been canceling a number of shows, and Showtime has now announced discontinuing series due to streaming rebranding. IndieWire has now reported that Hulu has canceled its latest original comedy, Reboot, after one season.

Reboot came from Modern Family creator, Steve Levitan. It was a satire of a once beloved sitcom, called Step Right Up, looking to reboot its show with the original cast returning. The show featured the talents of Keegan-Michael Key, Judy Greer, Paul Reiser, Johnny Knoxville, and Rachel Bloom. Sources are telling IndieWire that Levitan is currently shopping the show to other outlets in an attempt to give it a new home so that it may continue.

The synopsis reads, “Paul Reiser and Rachel Bloom lead the cast of the series as the original creator of “Step Right Up” Gordon and his estranged daughter Hannah, who are forced to work together as co-showrunners on the reboot. Keegan-Michael Key, Johnny Knoxville, Calum Worthy, and Judy Greer play the four lead actors of “Step Right Up,” who reunite after two decades for the new series. Krista Marie Yu rounds out the cast as the studio executive in charge of the reboot.”

The meta show looked to lampoon the nature of content revivals in an ever-changing entertainment plane and give a satirical look at the obsession of recapturing the past from studios and stars alike. It premiered last year on September 20 with three episodes, then premiering an episode in the subsequent weeks. The first season ended in October with a cliffhanger, which is a devastating way to leave things with fans. It’s natural to assume Levitan would at least like to finish out the show with a concluding season if it were not to continue.

The show from the Emmy-winning showrunner was given mostly positive reviews. Levitan’s juggernaut Modern Family would win multiple awards for its cast and crew. He followed it up with the less-than-stellar LA to Vegas, a sitcom that took place on an airline featuring a cast of flight attendants. Levitan looking to find another home shows he would like to continue this property or at least provide a proper send off for it.

Source: IndieWire

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