Redband Mimesis: NOTLD trailer hits, shows promise

Last Updated on October 24, 2023

Mimesis, as defined by Merriam Webster Dictionary, is “imitation, or mimicry”, but that description seems a far cry from what the folks behind MIMESIS: NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD are attempting to do. Judging by the films latest redband trailer, which you can peep below, a more apt characterization would be “homage, or tribute”. And it looks like a devilishly good time to boot!

In the film, a group of horror fans find themselves unwilling participants in a living nightmare that pays homage to a classic horror film. Seven complete strangers whose only common link is a love for classic era horror films are invited to attend an exclusive “horror fan” party at a remote farm. But as the sun sets, these strangers soon find themselves within a real life version of the 1968 George Romero cult horror classic Night of the Living Dead!

The idea of turning a classic horror film into a real life nightmare sounds promising.If there is one negative I found in that trailer, it was the text that reads “Featuring the music of Insane Clown Posse”, but hey…while I’m no Juggalo, some of you may dig it!

MIMESIS stars genre favorites Courtney Gains (Children of the Corn, Back to the Future) and Sid Haig (Rob Zombie’s Halloween, The Devil’s Rejects, House of 1000 Corpses), and features a special cameo by original NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD star Bill Hinzman.

MIMESIS is directed by Douglas Schulze, with screenplay by Joshua Wagner and Schulze. Pre-order the DVD right HERE or the Blu-ray right HERE.

Source: Arrow In The Head

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