Ron Howard says Willow 2 is still in development

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

A WILLOW sequel was teased back in January with the idea that it would be a series for the Disney+ streaming service. Not much news has popped up since that announcement and the reason for that could be the fact that director Ron Howard knows when any little news is revealed about a WILLOW sequel, fans run with it, and just want more. 

Howard did a live Q/A on Facebook, brought to us via "The Bearded Trio", and one of the questions asked was about the sequel. Howard admitted that there is no real news to report just yet but the project is still in development:

"Well, if I say anything too concrete it's gonna go viral because anytime I say anything about Willow, people take it all very seriously. I will say that, let's see…what can I say? It's still in development. It doesn't have a green light. Warwick Davis is thrilled by it and if we are lucky enough for it to go, he would come back as Willow."

So that seems like there isn't a lot of movement at all but at least it's still on the table to be made. Howard went on to divulge more details regarding the state of production, which has been discussed enough that potential locations are being scouted for the project:

"We are far enough along that in a very tentative way, locations are beginning to be scouted, and we don't know where we're going to shoot, but we have gotten some research photos back from Wales. It's nice to think about where our old knock bar was, and again no idea if we're gonna get to make the show but we're having a wonderful time developing the scripts under Jonathan Kasdan who is leading the charge."

The wheels are at least in motion on the project, despite not getting the official word to be made. It also seems like the parties involved are excited to dive back into this world and it's especially exciting that Warwick Davis is game to return as the title character. Released in 1988, WILLOW followed a young farmer who is chosen to undertake a perilous journey in order to protect a special baby from an evil queen. The film received mixed reviews from critics at the time of release and was a modest box office performer, grossing $57.2 million, but like most movies during this time period, it went on to gain a huge cult following in the years since its initial release. The film also stars Val Kilmer, Joanne Whalley, Jean Marsh, and Billy Barty.

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Source: The Bearded Trio

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