Rupert Sanders to helm a “Scarface-style” take on Napoleon

Wait…what did I just type? Rupert Sanders to helm a “Scarface-style” take on Napoleon”. Yep, that’s going to be a thing…

Sanders, who as you know directed SNOW WHITE & THE HUNTSMAN will helm a “Scarface-style look at the French leader”. So, hold on, I’m trying to make sense of this. Napoleon Bonaparte was a power hungry little tyrant, and Scarface was also power hungry. That’s all I’ve got here. Both of them had lady problems as well. Napoleon’s wife Joséphine saw other men, and Elvira did so much blow that Tony thought her to be infertile which among other reasons caused her to leave him. We could be talking about the original from 1932 that was the basis for Brian De Palma‘s from 1983 but it still doesn’t make it any less awkward.

I’d just like someone from Warner Bros. to elaborate on this. Why not just make a movie about Napoleon? Writer of AMC’s THE KILLING Jeremy Doner penned the script on this one.

The world is yours, Napoleon!

Source: Deadline

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