Saved by the Bell’s Dustin Diamond diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

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Some sad news to report about someone many of us grew up watching on the hit teen series Saved by the Bell. Dustin Diamond, who played Samuel 'Screech' Powers on the show, has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. The actor's rep confirmed the news which was first reported by "TMZ."

According to Diamond's rep, the actor was hospitalized this past weekend in Florida after he began to feel pain all over his body. He also mentioned that he just felt a general sense of unease. There was a major concern that this could be cancer because it runs in his family and his mom passed away from breast cancer as well. 

The actor's rep went on to confirm that Diamond has cancer throughout his body and he's currently getting his first round of chemotherapy. "TMZ" reports that Diamond first discovered a lump in his throat which led to the diagnosis. What is unknown as of this writing is what type of cancer Diamond actually has. He's undergoing a series of tests to figure that out and could be in the hospital another week as the doctors try to pinpoint the proper diagnosis. Adding to all of this, his rep says that he also experiencing pain from shingles which are adding to his discomfort. 

Dustin Diamond rose to fame initially on the show Good Morning, Miss Bliss (1988-89) as Samuel 'Screech' Powers. The show eventually transitioned to the more well-known Saved by the Bell and he would continue to play the role for thirteen years through various incarnations of the show such as Saved by the Bell: The College Years and Saved by the Bell: The New Class. Following his run on those shows, Diamond got into stand-up comedy and reality TV which has kept him a fixture in pop culture. His castmates recently participated in the Saved by the Bell sequel series on the Peacock streaming service but Diamond was not involved. 

Sending good vibes and prayers to Dustin Diamond at this time and hope for a prognosis that leads to a speedy recovery.

Source: TMZ

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