Seagal is a cop?

Some days you see a video and you have to watch it again to make sure you’re not having some sort of incredibly bizarre dream. This is one such occasion.

Apparently Steven Seagal, over the last twenty years in between shooting movies, has been working as a Sheriff’s deputy in the Jefferson Parish police department in Louisiana. It all started when he was shooting a film there (I’m not a big enough Seagal enthusiast to know which one), and in his spare time volunteered to show some of the officers his moves, which they found awesome and subsequently adopted him. Now, 20 years later, Seagal’s police adventures are being turned into a show on A&E called “Lawman.”

To put this in a similar context, it’s like if Chuck Norris signed on to be an actual Texas Ranger. If I was a crackhead that was tackled to the ground by Steven Seagal, I would probably just dismiss the whole thing as some sort of really awesome trip, which only gets more awesome when after you get out on bail, you find yourself watching the entire episode unfold again on A&E.

The show trailer is below. It’s only NSFW because you’ll likely exclaim “What the f*ck?!” very loudly after you watch it.

Source: JoBlo

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