Shia: The Last Man?

Actor Shia LaBeouf isn’t even old enough to legally purchase a sixer of Sam Adams brew, but he’s already basically on the Hollywood A-list: his new thriller DISTURBIA is an inarguable success, he’s the non-robot lead in this summer’s guaranteed blockbuster TRANSFORMERS, and he’s prepping to co-star in INDIANA JONES 4. But does he have enough clout to survive as the last dude on the planet?

An adaptation Brian K. Vaughan’s Vertigo comic Y: THE LAST MAN has struggled a bit on the path to theaters, but it might get a boost of LaBeouf. JoBlo reader Jean-Michel C. (merci, mon ami!) informs us that while promoting DISTURBIA in France, Shia expressed substantial interest in playing the lead role in the Y film, proclaiming the series one of the best comics around.

Y: THE LAST MAN follows the journey of amateur magician Yorick, the only guy left on the planet (plus his monkey) after a plague wipes out the entire male gender – but he quickly discovers that a world of women is not quite paradise. Vaughan’s comic got scooped up a few years ago for the feature film treatment, but has since been mired in the development stages. Maybe with LaBeouf’s interest (which at this point is just that — but the actor is currently under everyone’s spotlight) and Vaughan’s own climbing status (he’s part of LOST’s writing staff now), Yorick will finally make it from comic shelves into theaters.

Source: JoBlo

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