Sinbad making big screen return in Tyler Perry’s Straws following 2020 stroke

Sinbad will return to the screen following his 2020 stroke, appearing in Tyler Perry’s upcoming Netflix movie Straws.


Sinbad is poised for a comeback, appearing in his first movie since his 2020 stroke. While he has been on the long road to recovery, that he is doing well enough to step before the camera shows his determination not only for entertainment but to please his fans.

The project that Sinbad has lined up is Tyler Perry’s Straws, which is set up at Netflix. The comedian will be joining Taraji P. Henson, Sherri Shepherd, Teyana Taylor, Rockmond Dunbar, Glynn Turman, Mike Merrill, and Ashley Versher. As per Deadline, in Straws, “a single mother faces a series of unfortunate events that lead her down an unexpected path. Struggling against circumstances beyond her control, she becomes entangled in a situation she never imagined. Fueled by desperation, she finds herself at the center of suspicion in a world that seems indifferent to her existence.”

While he never really gets the full credit he deserves as a clean stand-up comedian, Sinbad undoubtedly built his legacy in the early ‘90s with albums like Brain Damaged, a namesake sitcom (a comedian’s dream at that point in time) and outlandishly vibrant outfits. Sinbad had been out of the spotlight for quite some time by the time of his stroke, but we’re glad that he is making the moves to show that he is far from giving up. He even appeared at this year’s Netflix Is a Joke Fest as part of a tribute, coming to the stage with the aid of family and a staff.

In March, Sinbad announced that he planned to be more present, telling his social media followers, “Expect to see more of me soon. And don’t freak out if you turn around and I’m standing right behind you.” He also expressed love for all of the fans who have lent their support in these trying years. “To all the people who’ve emailed me, through the website — some of you are going through what I’m going through or even worse than me. Imma try to answer as many as I can. I pray for you and understand what it’s like.” He added, “You can’t believe it? You better believe it. Miracles happen.”

While we don’t know the scope of Sinbad’s role in Tyler Perry’s new movie, we would expect it to be on the smaller side considering his health situation. Even still, we’re excited to see him back and hope for the best.

Source: Deadline

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