Some Saturday Night Live cast members upset Elon Musk is hosting the show

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

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SpaceX founder and all-around famous billionaire, Elon Musk, will be hosting an upcoming episode of Saturday Night Live and some members of the cast don't seem too thrilled about Musk appearing on the show. Some cast members have taken to social media and let's just say it might be a little awkward on May 8, 2021, when Musk is tasked to host the popular variety series.

The backlash began with fans of SNL who weren't happy that they were bringing on Musk as a comedy show host. Likely because Musk isn't an actor and really has no experience hosting a show of this type. Standout cast member Bowen Yang, who was an SNL writer that transitioned to a featured cast member in 2019, is one of the cast members that aren't too fond of the news either. Yang posted a response to the news on a recent Instagram story that read "What the f**k does this even mean?" in response to a recent tweet from Musk declaring he's going to "find out just how live Saturday Night Live really is." You can check out the social media exchange below:

Newcomer to SNL, Andrew Dismukes, is also apparently unhappy with the choice to have Musk host. Dismukes, who made his debut during the current season, weighed in on the Instagram story and posted an image of former cast member Cheri Oteri with a caption that read the "ONLY CEO I WANT TO DO A SKETCH WITH IS CHER-E-OTERI." Safe to say Yang and Dismukes likely won't be in sketches with Musk when comes in to host. 

Soon after the announcement was made that Musk would host SNL, cast member Aidy Bryant shared a tweet from Bernie Sanders lamenting the "moral obscenity" of the lack of wealth distribution in the United States. This shared tweet isn't as direct as some of the others but many SNL fans took this as a jab at the news that a controversial billionaire like Musk would be invited to host on the show. 

Musk isn't exactly known for being funny but he has made appearances on a variety of comedy shows on television. Musk has appeared on The Big Bang Theory and he lent his voice to the animated shows Rick and Morty, The Simpsons, and South Park. The being said, when recent hosts have included Carey Mulligan, Daniel Kaluuya, Maya Rudolph, Rege-Jean Page, Regina King, Nick Jonas, John Krasinski, and Dan Levy, Musk's name does stand out as someone that might not be as qualified to host the show.

For those who want to watch Elon Musk host SNL, you can tune in on May 8, 2021. Miley Cyrus will be featured as the musical guest that night and maybe we shouldn't judge Musk too harshly before we have gotten a chance to see what he can do. NBC hasn't commented publicly about the controversy surrounding Musk hosting the show and they probably think any backlash surrounding it is guaranteed to give ratings a boost. 

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