Spanish chiller Innocent Killers draws shades of Hitchcock

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

Is there such a thing as INNOCENT KILLERS?

According to Variety, yes there is. You see, word has dropped that a Hitchcockian Spanish thriller called INNOCENT KILLERS begins filming later this month. The flick marks the directorial debut of Gonzalo Bendala, and will star Maxi Iglesias (“XP3D,” “Toledo”), Luis Fernandez (“XP3D,” “I Want You”) and Aura Garrido (“Stockholm,” “The Wishful Thinkers” – pictured right). Spanish production company Aralan is overseeing the project.

Co-written by Jose Manuel Asensio – INNOCENT KILLERS turns on a university student (Iglesias) who, in dire straits, suddenly receives an godsend offer of money if he kills his psychology teacher (Miguel Angel Sola, “Night Runner”). What makes the offer so singular is that it is his psychology teacher that makes him the offer.

Whoa, definitely on some twisted STRANGERS ON A TRAIN shite. Could be dope!

But the influences don’t stop with Hitchcock. The story of INNOCENT KILLERS is loosely based on a real guy, a firefighter and alcoholic from the 20s named Michael Malloy. In fact, his story was even adapted into an episode of “Amazing Stories” in the 80s. Netflix that shite!

Source: Variety

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