Stan Lee talks merger

I’ve been reading your guys’ comments on the whole Disney/Marvel deal over the past twenty four hours, and I’ve successfully narrowed your reactions down to three opinion camps:

1) This is the worst news ever because now Zac Efron will obviously be Wolverine and the Jonas Brothers will be the Avengers and all superhero movies will now be musicals.

2) This is the greatest news ever because now we’ll get a Disney/Marvel/Pixar team up that will result in movies so awesome our eyes will explode.

3) Could be good, could be bad. We’ll see.

But there’s one man’s opinion everyone’s wondering about. That would be Marvel guru, Stan “The Man” Lee, and reading his recent statement about the buyout, he seems to be heavily leaning toward camp number two:

“I couldn’t be happier with this agreement. It’s [a] great move for Disney, for Marvel and for my company Pow! Entertainment since Pow! has a first-look deal with Disney. From every point of view, the merger of Disney and Marvel is a match made in heaven.”

“Just imagine,” he said, “with this deal Marvel gives Disney a library of literally hundreds of unique and colorful characters that have the potential to make great, high-concept movies and long-lasting franchises—and nobody knows how to play in that ball park better than Disney.”

“This is a great day for the two companies and for the entertainment community as a whole,” he continued. “To sum it up as simply as possible, when you combine the best with the best, everyone wins!”

I’m of the mindset that this isn’t a bad idea due to the fact I’m convinced the Punisher will have to start using a squirt gun, I’m just always skeptical of these giant corporations mashing together and absorbing each other leading to one day when we’ll wake up and we’re all being governed by Cyberdyne.

Source: JoBlo

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