Supergirl returns?

While Marvel characters make it to theaters on a regular basis, most of the DC Comics superheroes haven’t quite been faster than a speeding bullet to film production — aside from Bats and Supes, most of them have been fitted for new tights only to wind up in the Phantom Zone.

Is SUPERGIRL getting ready to bust out? According to a tip from ‘Lip’, it could be so — apparently Warner Bros. has already commissioned a script for the younger, blonder and breastier Supercharacter. They’ve supposedly even started contacting managers and agents about possible ladies for the curve-hugging blue bodysock, and we hear BATTLESTAR GALACTICA’s slinky Cylon stunner Tricia Helfer was on the list of possibilites.

Of course, Helfer (however hot) is around 33 years old, so I’m not sure she qualifies for SUPERGIRL (I believe the current comic book incarnation is college age), but it does sound like the character herself is once again on the ‘To Do’ list at WB — that is, unless our source is somehow confusing it with WONDER WOMAN, rendering this entire rumor moot. It is probable that this theoretical new version would completely ignore the cheesy 1984 movie featuring Helen Slater, and also not be related to the current film manifestation of SUPERMAN.

For all you BSG fans, Helfer will be back in the brain of Baltar for a fourth season, which will likely be the show’s last.

Thanks again to ‘Lip’ for the tip!

Source: JoBlo

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