Tabloid Whores: The Movie

Paris Hilton Let’s face it, the subculture of tabloid whore celebutards, pioneered by the right pictured Insect Queen herself Paris Hilton, isn’t going anywhere. As long as starlets and fame seeking socialites are publishing sex tapes or getting spectacularly drunk and chasing their assistant’s moms down the freeway or getting imprisoned for the length of an average movie or just simply letting naked pictures of themselves appear on the internets, there’ll be tabloids there to cover every single detail of their shame spiral. So, it’s no surprise that somebody wants to make a movie about them. Producer Joe Nasser is currently prepping a film tentatively titled HOLLYWOOD BRATS that, according to the LA Times (Note: registration required), will be “based on the real-life crime blotter events in the lives of a trio of young celebrities.” Nasser mentions that he’ll be featuring real celebrities and plans to get away with that thus: ““As long as we stick to the truth, we’re in good shape.” Wait, this is a comedy, right?

Source: LA Times

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