The Contract: Kevin Spacey plays The Devil in Italian psychological thriller

Kevin Spacey plays The Devil in The Contract, a psychological thriller that has wrapped production in Italy

Kevin Spacey may have been found not guilty in his sex offenses trial last year, but he still might as well be The Devil as far as a lot of people are concerned – so it’s fitting that he does indeed play a version of The Devil in his latest project, the psychological thriller The Contract, which just wrapped production in Italy. Spacey’s character in the film directed by Massimo Paolucci is called The Devil, and the filmmakers told Variety that his role is along the lines of “Al Pacino’s in The Devil’s Advocate as Satan who takes the guise of a human lawyer, and that of Robert De Niro in Angel Heart, a Satanic businessman who hires a seedy gumshoe detective to descend into Hell.”

Details on the plot of the English-language film have not been revealed. Spacey is joined in the cast by Eric Roberts and Vincent Spano.

The Contract is coming our way from TM Entertainment and is being produced by Massimiliano Caroletti and Sandro Lazzarini. Caroletti and Lazzarini were so enthusiastic about the idea of getting Spacey into the movie, they reportedly “courted him” for eight months to convince him to play the role. Space has previously said that “people who aren’t afraid to be cancelled” were ready to work with him. Caroletti and Lazzarini have certainly proven that to be correct.

The Contract still has to make its way through post-production, so it might be a little while before we hear anything more about this one. In the meantime, Spacey will be seen in the thriller Peter Five Eight, which is set to reach select theatres in the U.S. on March 22nd.

Massimo Paolucci primarily works as a producer and production manager, but has previously directed the horror films Photoshock and Medium, the thriller Soldato sotto la luna, and the action movies All in One Day and Una preghiera per Giuda. He was the line producer on genre legend Dario Argento’s 2012 film Dracula 3D.

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Source: Variety

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