Kevin Spacey found not guilty in sex offenses trial

Kevin Spacey’s trial has ended with the actor found not guilty of all nine counts of sex offenses, most of which were for sexual assault.

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Kevin Spacey has emerged victorious in court yet again, as he has been found not guilty of all nine charges related to sexual misconduct, including seven of sexual assault. On Wednesday, Kevin Spacey’s trial concluded after nearly four weeks, with the jury deciding after a 12-hour deliberation that the four men who accused the two-time Academy Award-winning actor of crimes did not have a strong enough case. That’s a pretty good birthday present, as Spacey turns 64 today.

In addition to the seven counts of sexual assault, Spacey also faced charges of causing a person to engage in sexual activity without consent and causing a person to engage in penetrative sexual activity, all of which occurred between 2001 and 2013. As per reports from the trial, Kevin Spacey was emotional during the reading of the verdicts.

Going into the trial, Kevin Spacey’s defense team was confident that he would be found not guilty, citing the crumbled accusations on the part of Anthony Rapp, who alleged that Spacey made sexual advances when he was a teenager. Such accusations resulted in Spacey losing numerous jobs, including House of Cards and All the Money in the World, in which he was replaced with Christopher Plummer.

His team also slammed those who declared Spacey guilty based on no actual evidence, saying his fame and lifestyle “makes [him] an easy target when the internet turns against you and you’re tried by social media…That’s when these claims were taken to the police, when it was, I suggest, only too easy to do and the prospects of a pay-off from the bandwagon were at their most irresistible.”

Amid his fall, Kevin Spacey had been trying to keep his career afloat, appearing in a small role in Franco Nero’s The Man Who Drew God. He, too, boasted that there were numerous people in the industry that were looking forward to working with him again, with these opportunities more likely than ever now that he has been found not guilty.

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Source: BBC

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