Peter Five Eight: Kevin Spacey aims for a comeback in the trailer for his new thriller

In the first leading role since Kevin Spacey’s career encountered a bevy of allegations, he plays an assassin who infiltrates his target who also hides a dark secret.

The trailer for Kevin Spacey’s new film, Peter Five Eight, has been released from Invincible Entertainment. The new trailer comes just a few weeks after Spacey released another of his annual Christmas video skits of him reprising his popular character from House of Cards, Frank Underwood. In his most recent entry, Spacey controversially brought in former Fox News host, Tucker Carlson, to interview him in character where he teased a race for the White House. And now, Spacey is back in his first leading role since controversy plagued his image and his career in 2017. In Peter Five Eight, Spacey seemingly adopts his Underwood-esque southern drawl again until it’s revealed that he’s an undercover contract killer.

Spacey is joined by Jet Jandreau, Rebecca De Mornay and Jake Webber. The film is directed by Michael Zaiko Hall, a former visual effects artist whose credits include The Incredibles 2, Finding Dory, and Pacific Rim. He’s also dabbled in directing with titles such as Carrion, The Villains and Hotel Dunsmuir. Peter Five Eight is produced by Chavez Fred and co-star Jet Jandreau.

The synopsis from The Hollywood Reporter reads,
“Spacey’s assassin character, Peter, has a comedic streak as he’s called to a small mountain community to find a seemingly glamorous real estate agent with a dark secret, played by Jet Jandreau. Peter targets Brenda, played by Rebecca de Mornay, for information at the urging of his powerful and shadowy boss, Mr. Lock, played by Jake Weber. Before long, guns are drawn and fired and car chases abound in the trailer as blood splatters and explosions disturb the sleepy town. Michael Zaiko Hall directs the feature.”

Invincible Entertainment is slated to give Peter Five Eight a limited release in theaters ahead of a home entertainment and video-on-demand release for the indie thriller. Spacey has attempted to revitalize his career and has since been found not guilty in a UK court for his sexual assault trial back in July of 2023. Additionally, Spacey is set to make his first appearance at a convention at the Mad Monster Party in North Carolina later this month. He will be available for limited photo ops in the three days of the convention.

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Source: THR, Invincible Entertainment

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