The Night They Came Home trailer: Western based on a novel by the co-writer of Night of the Living Dead

Trailer: The Western thriller The Night They Came Home is based on a novel by Night of the Living Dead co-writer John A. Russo

The late, legendary filmmaker George A. Romero wrote the screenplay for his feature directorial debut, the 1968 classic Night of the Living Dead, with John A. Russo, who continues to work in the entertainment industry to this day. Russo has written and directed multiple films, and has also written a whole lot of novels. One of those was the “Western horror story” The Night They Came Home, which has just received a film adaptation that Lionsgate will be giving a theatrical and VOD release on January 12th. A trailer for the film has been released online, and you can check it out in the embed above.

Directed by Paul G. Volk (Cross: Rise of the Villains) from a screenplay by Russo, with James O’Brien (Western Religion) receiving an additional writing credit, The Night They Came Home chronicles the ruthless exploits of the Rufus Buck Gang, a group of outlaws who clashed with the Indian Territory of Middle America at the tail end of the 19th century. The combined force of local lawmen and Indian police aim to take down a coldhearted band of fugitives with vengeance on their minds.

The film stars Brian Austin Green, Tim Abell, Danny Trejo, Robert Carradine, Weston Cage, Kelsey Reinhardt, and Anna Florence.

Copies of Russo’s novel can be purchased at THIS LINK. It has the following description: The Rufus Buck Gang is best known for a near month-long rampage of rape and murder back in 1895. Russo’s telling of the story sticks faithfully to the facts as they have come to be known. Young boy Tommy Palmer’s whole family is nearly wiped out in the Buck rampage, and thus begins his quest to save what’s left of his kin and exact some measure of justice on the outlaws who perpetrated the heinous crimes. He teams up, by sheer coincidence, with a notorious lawman and a legendary hangman, both hellbent for their own reasons on stopping the Buck Gang before the body count gets even higher. What follows is a chilling account of depravity and a grim western-style dose of justice coupled with the amazing resiliency of the human spirit.

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The Night They Came Home

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