The real Camp Crystal Lake reopening for tours in time for Halloween

Crystal Lake Tours has announced new tours of the original filming location from FRIDAY THE 13TH and they will begin just in time for the Halloween season.

Not only will these tours be happening on Halloween, but fans will have the chance to walk the grounds that Jason calls home on an actual Friday the 13th, which should be a go-to day for most FRIDAY THE 13TH fans. The tours will take place at Camp No-Be-Bo-Sco, which is located in New Jersey. Crystal Lake Tours ensures that a limited number of tickets will be available for each date a tour is offered to allow for social distancing due to the current global pandemic. Temperature checks will be required along with face masks for those who attend. They also will not be doing a ticket lottery due to travel restrictions. Tickets will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis, and there are two different tours available. Here is how each tour is described:

Lakefront Tours: Starting at $89 plus tax and fees. These shorter tours take you directly to the center of the Camp Crystal Lake movie set: the lake! You will visit 5 filming locations in this area and have plenty of time to take photos. Includes special gifts (approximately $30 value).

Full Tours: Starting at $159 plus tax and fees. The full loop tour includes all filming locations at the camp and plenty of time to take photos. The evening session of this tour also includes all filming locations, in the dark! Bring your flashlight along to experience our first-ever night tours. Includes special gifts (approximately $30 value).

Just a note to fans, if you want to attend, please make sure that you can 100% make it to the tour because Crystal Lake Tours also says that the tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. Resale is also prohibited. The tours are being offered on several dates in October and November starting on October 23. Perhaps most importantly, there are several tours on Halloween, as well as November 13, which just so happens to be a Friday.

The tours are pretty unique because fans can't take a look around on the site where the 1980 horror classic was shot on a day-to-day basis. The tours, which have been taking place since 2011, offer horror fans a very special opportunity to explore the grounds where one of the seminal slasher films of the 80s began its origins.

I've always wanted to do this tour and I have yet to do so. I know I can't make it this year either but for fans that can make the trek to New Jersey, you can look into booking tickets over at


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