The Substance: Demi Moore body horror film gets an R rating for violence, gore, nudity & more

Revenge director Coralie Fargeat’s body horror film The Substance, starring Demi Moore and Margaret Qualley, has earned an R rating

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Seven years have gone by since director Coralie Fargeat made her feature directorial debut with a very cool revenge movie that was appropriately titled Revenge – you can read our 8/10 review of the film at THIS LINK. Now Fargeat is back with an “explosive feminist take on body horror” called The Substance, which stars Demi Moore (Ghost) and Margaret Qualley (Once Upon a Time in Hollywood). The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival earlier this month, earning rave first reactions and an 11-minute standing ovation, while also catching media attention with its scenes of Moore and Qualley displaying full frontal nudity…. and now it has earned its rating from the Motion Picture Association ratings board. The Substance has been rated R for strong bloody violent content, gore, graphic nudity and language. Sounds good to me!

Mubi having recently acquired theatrical distribution rights to The Substance, but a release date has not yet been announced. The film is said to be gory (as mentioned in the reasons given for the R rating), but also humorous. Here’s the official synopsis: It generates another you. A new, younger, more beautiful, more perfect you. And there’s only one rule: You share time. One week for you. One week for the new you. Seven days each. A perfect balance. Easy. Right? If you respect the balance… what could possibly go wrong?

Moore and Qualley are joined in the cast by Dennis Quaid (Lawmen: Bass Reeves). At one point, Ray Liotta was attached to appear in the film as well, but he passed away soon after his casting was announced. He was replaced by Quaid, who dedicated his performance to Liotta.

Eric Fellner and Tim Bevan produced The Substance for the company Working Title. Alexandra Loewy of Working Title and Nicolas Royer of A Good Story serve as executive producers.

What do you think of the reasons given for The Substance‘s R rating? Are you looking forward to this movie? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

Revenge was awesome enough to guarantee that I’ll watch anything Coralie Fargeat makes, so I’ll definitely be watching The Substance when it’s released.

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