Trailer for Jabbar Raisani’s Alien Outpost, starring Adrian Paul

Last Updated on August 5, 2021

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Back in June we learned that IFC Midnight had picked up Jabbar Raisani's found footage alien invasion flick OUTPOST 37, and today we finally have a trailer for the flick. Now going under the title of ALIEN OUTPOST, the film is scheduled to arrive in theaters and on VOD on January 30, 2015.

The feature directorial debut of Raisani, a visual FX supervisor with credits including "Game of Thrones", MACHETE, and PREDATORS, ALIEN OUTPOST focuses on…

…a documentary crew tracking a group of elite soldiers after an alien invasion who reach the world’s most dangerous outpost only to discover that the first wave was just the beginning.

The cast includes Adrian Paul of TV’s "Highlander", Brandon Auret, Rick Ravanello and Reiley McClendon. Raisani scripted with Blake Clifton and oversaw the FX.

Peep the trailer below and prepare to report for battle at the ALIEN OUTPOST on January 30.

Source: Arrow In The Head

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