We Talk Annabelle: Creation with director David F. Sandberg and cast!

Last Updated on July 30, 2021

There is something quite terrifying about dolls. Whether we are talking about TRILOGY OF TERROR or CHILD’S PLAY, the tiny figures with the large eyes have brought audiences nightmares repeatedly in horror. This is especially true with ANNABELLE. With her fantastic introduction in THE CONJURING, to her less than stellar first feature, this freaky plaything is back for more. This time however, ANNABELLE: CREATION brings us to the very beginning, and frankly it works – you can read my review here. With director David F. Sandberg (LIGHTS OUT), we are given a movie that makes this creepy toy scary again.

I’ve been excited about covering this junket ever since I saw the film. A big reason for that is the casting of both Anthony LaPaglia and Miranda Otto. As a fan of both, it was great to see these two talented actors take on a little genre action. For the pair, this was the first time they ever did a straight horror film. During our conversation, the two opened up about working on this kind of feature and what it was about this particular project that convinced them. The two add a whole lot of class which truly elevates the already impressive work.

Next up we spoke to another couple of talented actors. Let’s face it, horror has been proving time and again that young actors can be fantastic. Both Lulu Wilson – also from OUIJA: ORIGIN OF EVIL – and Talitha Bateman give wonderful performances in ANNABELLE: CREATION. The two talked about their own take on scary movies, and what it was like taking on these characters. It’s impressive how well-spoken and mature these fine talents were during the interview. I guess it’s no surprise that they add so many levels to the roles they play.

And finally we sat down with Sandberg, as well as the lovely Stephanie Sigman who plays the kind Sister Charlotte – as a huge bonus, we also received a blessing from Father Robert  from the School of Exorcisms. David talked about working with this kind of story, and continuing in the CONJURING universe. Stephanie chatted about playing a nun and taking on such a haunting tale. With this and LIGHTS OUT, it is clear that Mr. Sandberg is one to watch. And frankly, he’s one of the nicest guys around on top of being incredibly talented. I highly recommend setting up a little play time with ANNABELLE: CREATION this weekend. This one is spooky.


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