X-Files premiere wows at MIPCOM; original opening credits will remain intact

Last Updated on August 2, 2021

It's still possible that Fox's revival of The X-Files won't be as amazing as we hope it will be, but if the reaction out of MIPCOM is any indication, Chris Carter, David Duchovny, and Gillian Anderson have made a very successful return to the series which launched their careers. My Struggle, the first episode of The X-Files revival, had its world premiere at MIPCOM today and THR claimed that the audience of "cynical industry journalists" burst into spontaneous applause on multiple occasions.

X-Files creator Chris Carter attended the premiere screening saying that it felt like "a dream come true" to bring the two FBI agents back into the world. Much has changed since The X-Files last aired, but one thing that won't be changing is the series' iconic opening credits; Carter said that he had "thought about doing some changes to the original credits, but then it seemed like sacrilege, those credits were on 202 episodes. They belong on these next six.” Welcome news to many X-Files fans I'm sure, but part of me was looking forward to seeing what a 2015 X-Files intro looked like.

If the six-episode series is a success, would Chris Carter be open to returning for more episodes? Carter said that he remains hopeful that the gang will all return if the new series is a success, although he added that any additional stories would likely take the form of more self-contained miniseries or specials. The next screening of The X-Files premiere will take place at New York Comic-Con on October 10, 2015 and will be followed by a Q&A with Chris Carter and David Duchovny hosted by Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley).

Are you glad the original opening titles will return? Or were you hoping for something new?

Source: THR

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