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4 Surveillance clips!

06.12.2009by: The Arrow
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JENNIFER LYNCH's warped thriller SURVEILLANCE was one of my favorite films of last year. It actually made NUMBER 3 on my TOP 10 LIST. Yup, it whooped me silly! Now everybody will get to have a crack at it via its limited theatrical release on June 26 and hits DVD release in August (get it here). I'm so getting this DVD man!

Today, we got FOUR CLIPS from the film for ya and you can check them out below. And if you haven't read our interview with Miss Lynch, tap it here. SURVEILLANCE stars the great BILL PULLMAN and JULIA ORMOND (who has never been sexier onscreen IMO). This one is highly recommended by this jerk!

Now THAT'S a woman...

Extra Tidbit: Billy Burke was cast as Sam Hallaway. He booked out before the shoot began. So Bill Pullman took his place...GOOD!
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