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A few new stills pop up for that Italian horror flick Y/N: You Lie, You Die

09.02.2011by: Jared Pacheco

Do you guys remember that Italian horror flick I told you about way back in June? It was called Y/N: YOU LIE, YOU DIE and it was coming from director Enrico Clerico Nasino. Ringing any bells? No worries, I'm about to remind you all about this little diddy.

You see today a few new stills from the flick dropped onto these here interwebs so what better time to give you all a bit of a refresher course on this one, right? Right. So here's the rundown for this twisted little human experiment:

On the surface, Kate and Jack, late 20s, are happy. But like everyone, they carry secrets that neither is prepared to reveal.

After their wedding, they awake from a deep, dark sleep, each alone in a sealed room with no doors or windows - only images projected on the walls and a monitor with two buttons: one for "yes", one for "no".

As the horror of their situation unfolds, surveillance films showing their life together appear on the wall, as the monitor asks questions, each more strange and terrifying than the last.

It soon becomes apparent that a bizarre test of their relationship is underway, and the secrets revealed lead them deeper and deeper into what could not just destroy their love, but threaten their very lives...

Pretty tapped stuff right? The new stills I mentioned can be found by scrolling above and below. Now sure, they're nothing worth writing home about but perhaps these few stills will give us a slightly better idea of what we can expect with Y/N: YOU LIE, YOU DIE. At least until a trailer hits that is.

We'll be keeping our eyes and ears open for more on Y/N, which has a cast that includes John Brotherton, Ellen Hollman (below), Gabriel Myers and Jay Harrington. As soon as we hear more you can bet we'll be passing the good word along to all of you.

Extra Tidbit: What other dreadful situations for a couple can be worse than this?
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