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Bloody Piranha attack!

06.12.2009by: Mike Catalano

You know what, friends? I do believe that Alex Aja's PIRANHA 3D is going to give H2 and NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET a big-time run for most anticipated remake of the next 10 months. The more I hear and see of it, the more pumped I friggin' get! This week we already posted some incredibly sexy bikini pics from the set. Now today, thanks to Bloody-D we have ourselves a breathtakingly bloody, water-attack pic!

That's it right up top. Can you see that the water has turned red? I'm just so thankful that Alex Aja is at the helm of this sick ship. He has such an eye for the gore and practically makes the red stuff look like poetry. Clearly, he is one of, if not the prime horror director of our time. In just the last two articles we've posted on PIRANHA, the two most essential horror elements have been perfectly covered: boobs and blood. Seriously, is it March 19, 2010 yet?

God bless Kelly Brook and Riley Steele

Extra Tidbit: Do you think Aja's best effort thus far has been HIGH TENSION, THE HILLS HAVE EYES, or MIRRORS?
Source: Bloody-D



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