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Briggs for Mortis Rex

10.28.2009by: Jared Pacheco
Flicks about the Roman times are always pretty cool. Supernatural flicks about the Roman times are really damn cool. Supernatural flicks about the Roman times involving brutal and unexplained killings is beyond cool.

Luckily for us that last one is the flick I'm here to tell you about today! The movie is called MORTIS REX and is set in 122 AD. REX centers on a disgraced Roman war hero who is given a last opportunity to redeem his reputation when sent to a Roman garrison beset by a spate of brutal and unexplained killings.

Variety reports that Jim Jacks' Frelaine Productions is behind MORTIS REX with Peter Briggs directing. Stuart Pollok, Matthew Dench and Marisa Kagan are also producing with Dominic Ianno executive producing. According to Variety MORTIS REX has already been presold in a number of territories including Russia, the Middle East, Portugal, Greece and Benelux. Impressive.

This is all we've got for MORTIS REX so far. So what do you guys think? Can MORTIS REX be something pretty awesome? Let's hope so! Keep it here for updates on MORTIS REX as we hear them.

Extra Tidbit: Peter Briggs will be making his directorial debut with MORTIS REX. His only other writing credit is the Selma Blair (above) starring HELLBOY.
Source: Variety



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