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Cherry Tree this summer

07.07.2009by: Ammon Gilbert
We got word that Paul Andrew Williams, the director of the kick-ass horror flick THE COTTAGE, has another venture into horror hiding up his sleeve called CHERRY TREE LANE, and while a whole helluva lot isn't known about it yet, it's gearing up to start filming in the UK in the next couple of weeks!

The tagline is simple enough: A Couple is Terrorized in their Home by a Gang of Youths Hunting Their Son, but really... what does that mean?

Williams sheds some (not a lot, but some) light on the subject: CHERRY TREE LANE, for me, is a film that needs to be looked at on many levels. On the surface we are talking about an extremely horrific event that takes place, in real time, to an innocent family. It is tense, harrowing and even disturbing at times and how these elements are handled, dramatically and cinematically will determine the final style of the film. It is closer in style to London to Brighton creatively, but the social issues it brings to the fore and the currency of the subject matter will mean it has broad cinematic appeal.

Into London horror? A big fan of THE COTTAGE? Then CHERRY TREE LANE is definitely one to keep your finger on as it sounds like it has the potential to kick all kinds of ass. Nothing more terrifying than a home invasion movie, so bring on the horror! Plus, Williams has already showed us he can rock some serious (yet comedic) scares with THE COTTAGE, let's hope he's not just a one-hit wonder! Filming is set to begin July 16th, so keep it here for more CHERRY TREE LANE as we hear it!

Extra Tidbit: Let's hope THE COTTAGE star Jennifer Ellison shows up here as well.
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