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Chomp your way through the official trailer for "The Walking Dead" season 2

07.22.2011by: Jake Dee

Man, I'm not sure there's been a single title around these parts more popular than "The Walking Dead" the last week or two. Yesterday we caught some new stills out of Comic-Con, earlier today we saw a killer retro poster (to the right), and now we have what we've all been waiting for. The official trailer for the second season of the hit zombie skein!

With a runtime of a little over 4 and half minutes, the whole damn gang is back. Rick, Shane, Lori, Andrea, Dale, Daryl...and as you might expect, a whole lot of mothaf*ckin' zombies! After seeing the trailer, I have relative hope the series can surpass its season premiere. Cop a peek and see if you agree!

Returning this October, here's what showrunner Frank Darabont had to say about "The Walking Dead" last month:

"We're fleshing out the story in so many different directions. Once you're into this with real actors playing these characters, the dynamics develop over time from episode to episode. There's so much rich story and character to plunder. I don't know if we're giving anything away, but... something as simple in the comic books winds up being sort of a fantastic complication on screen. In the story we're telling, it's just not that simple as it was in the comic book because you have those opportunities to really spin the story out in many different layers. So, that kind of stuff is tremendously exciting to me."

Exciting indeed!

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Sarah Wayne Callies, aka Lori

Extra Tidbit: Stay tuned for some possible Comic-Con coverage of "The Walking Dead."
Source: AMC



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