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Cool Horror Videos: Awesome short film Crestfallen, with music from Harry Manfredini

08.19.2013by: Kevin Woods

A couple of years ago we reviewed an interesting short film from director Jeremiah Kipp titled CONTACT, a beautifully shot black and white short that proved that Kipp was a director to watch. Today we have a very cool, stylish and atmospheric little short film from Mr. Kipp for you to check out titled CRESTFALLEN, and this one features some incredible music from the great Harry Manfredini (FRIDAY THE 13th). Check it out and then spit back with your thoughts on CRESTFALLEN below.

When Lo has her life come crashing down on top of her, she makes the impulsive decision to end her own life. Now with her health hanging in the balance, she questions her decision. With every drop of blood rippling in to a new memory, will the bad ones take her life, or will the good ones overpower them?

Extra Tidbit: What are your thoughts on CRESTFALLEN?



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