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Dead Silence site up!

03.01.2007by: Scott Carmichael

For me, the scariest movie to come out this year will probably be DEAD SILENCE. I happened to catch the trailer again in theatres just the other day and actually got chills. It's not necessarily the movie itself, but those god damn dummies!

Brought to us by SAW veteran James Wan, the film is about killer ventriloquist dolls that have come to life. And for whatever reason, I cannot stand the little f**kers! But if you can, and want to rub it in my face a little more, you could click here to head over to the DEAD SILENCE official site which is now online.

There is also a MySpace site up here where you can actually befriend one of the dolls. Both sites are looking really good and both are filled with all kinds of 'restricted pictures' and other features not yet seen before. The official site even has a contest in which you can host the DEAD SILENCE premiere in your hometown.

So check out either the official site here or the MySpace site here and prove your not scared of dolls like some little 10 year old girl!

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