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Drag Me character breakdowns!

03.04.2008by: Eric Walkuski

Earlier in the day, Jared gave you the news that Alison Lohman had filled in the role left by Ellen Page in Sam Raimi's supernatural thriller DRAG ME TO HELL. Now those wily cats over at Dread Central have gotten a look at what this mysterious movie is about - sorta. They were lucky enough to run across a casting breakdown for the flick, detailing most of the supporting character names/types. Strangely, the lead role of "Stephanie" that I'm assuming Lohman is playing isn't included (but I guess we know she's an "Alison Lohman" type already). Read on!

Ray Dalton: Late 20's-Mid 30's. Stephanie's boyfriend, handsome, UCLA professor, sensible, understanding, willing to defy his parents to do what is right for the girl he cares about. Lead.

Mrs. Sylvia Ganush: 50's-60's. Eastern European woman with an old-world belief system, proud, and when defied and humiliated, becomes vengeful. Lead.

Rham Jas: 50. Mysterious Indian psychic, wise beyond his years and compassionate, a man learned not only in the spiritual world but also in academics

Ellen: Early-Mid 20's. Stephanie's roommate, funny, free-spirited

Mr. Jacks: 40's-50's. Bank manager who believes smart business decisions should always trump personal feelings

Stu Rubin: Late 20's-Late 30's. Conniving loan officer. Stephanie's competition, out for himself and his own gains

Trudy Dalton: 50's-60. Ray's mother, rich and cultured, judgmental, opinionated and protective of her son

George Dalton: 50's-60's. Ray's father, rich, more tolerant than his wife, polite and respectful

Ilenka Ganush: 24, sexy gypsy girl, Mrs. Ganush's granddaughter, fiery, not afraid to tell it like it is.

Source: Dread Central



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