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Exclusive Clip: A bath get bloody in Separation!

04.12.2013by: Eric Walkuski

Hitting VOD next week is the Canadian thriller SEPARATION, from director Greg White. The film has been picking us some very positive notices of late, so we're happy to share an exclusive clip with you, which you can spy below. Just make sure you check it out after your daily soak.

In the clip, a lovely woman (Saran Manninen) prepares for some tub-based relaxation. But that goes awry when... well, you'll have to see for yourself.

Separation is a psychological thriller about Jack (Peter Stebbings) and Liz (Sarah Manninen), a couple in their 30's struggling to keep their family together. They have recently moved to the small summering community of Hemlock Lake, hoping it will make a difference, but when a mysterious neighbor (Dmitry Chepovetsky) enters their lives, it may no longer be just their marriage that could get ripped apart.

SEPARATION hits Cable VOD, iTunes, Amazon, Vudu, and Google Play next Monday, April 15th.



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