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Fede Alvarez sells sci-fi pitch Machina

07.30.2013by: Ryan Miller

Now this came out of nowhere! While we have been hearing a lot about the possible sequel ideas to his blood-soaked remake of EVIL DEAD, his sci-fi project MACHINA seemed to have slipped through the cracks. According to THR, Alvarez has just sold the sci-fi project to MRC. Unfortunately, all the juicy details are being kept tightly wrapped up. What we do know is that Alvarez is attached to helm the project and that he will co-write the script with his partner Rodo Sayagues.

So will this put any EVIL DEAD sequel ideas on hold? I kind of hope so. I'd love to see what Alvarez can do with the sci-fi genre — especially if he blends it with horror. This could be a lot of fun! We'll let you folks know more once we get the word.

Extra Tidbit: Are you guys excited to see Alvarez tackle the sci-fi genre?
Source: THR



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