Frank Grillo will be kicking ass once more in The Purge 3

It looks like Blumhouse's PURGE series might be dropping the anthology angle with their third entry, bringing back their franchise favorite: the grizzled action hero Sergeant, played by Frank Grillo. Grillo is currently in final negotations to sign on for THE PURGE 3, to be written and directed by franchise creator James DeMonaco.

Bringing back a main character would be a big step for the franchise, meaning that they intend to make a more serialized film. Where the action-packed THE PURGE: ANARCHY was more of a spiritual sequel to the low budget home invasion thriller THE PURGE than anything, this may indicate a more unified vision going forward. I for one find this very exciting, because while the PURGE films have never been perfect, under a steadier hand their political sensibilities and thriller tendencies might have a real shot at being truly phenomenal.

THE PURGE 3 is set to invade theaters on July 1, 2016.

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Source: Variety



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