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Freddy vs Jason 2?

05.05.2005by: Chris Gaede

I caught up with Robert Englund on the red carpet Tuesday night at the 31st Annual Saturn Awards. Englund is, of course, best remembered for playing Freddy Krueger, and he was able to shed a little light on the proposed sequel to FREDDY VS JASON, and why you aren’t likely to see it cross over with the EVIL DEAD series. But he has some sequel ideas of his own that should keep fanboys drooling for the time being. He even spoke about a follow up to the beloved sci-fi TV series "V".

What’s up with FREDDY VS. JASON 2?

With the great success of SPIDER-MAN, which I loved, phenomenal movie, Molina rules, Sam Raimi rules…I think what happened is, both Bruce Campbell and Sam Raimi realized, with their power in town, that they could bring EVIL DEAD to a new audience, a new generation, with a nice budget and the new tricks that we have. So I think that sort of took Bruce Campbell away from the FREDDY VS JASON equation.

One of the people that is sort of shepherding FREDDY VS JASON 2, Mr. Katz, has come up with this phenomenal script called SHOOT 'EM UP. This is the next level up from Tarantino, from KILL BILL, from OLDBOY, the Korean film, this is the new thing, it’s phenomenal, and I don’t blame them. It’s the full circle of movies influencing comic books influencing movies influencing comic books; it’s come back around again. It’s an amazing script.

The people that were going to shepherd FREDDY VS JASON 2, this thing [SHOOT 'EM UP] has got the greenlight at New Line, and this is their baby, and I don’t blame them, it’s so wonderful.

I have an idea [for FREDDY VS JASON 2), but we’d have to go a little retro, and I’d have to have a couple of drinks with Jamie Lee Curtis…it would be FREDDY VS. JASON VS MICHAEL MYERS. But I need to talk to them.

What about another V series?

I was supposed to do a "V" series for Ken Johnson. I had been notified, talked to…what’s happened is…they’re gonna do "V" young, and I’m fine with that, it makes sense to me. It really is far enough away. They realized that to redo "V", I don’t think retro is the way to go. We’d all be a little too old. Goddamn, Marc Singer looks great, but the rest of us are going bald!

That was all from Robert Englund, but I snapped this picture later on in the pressroom when he started asking J.J. Abrams and fellow LOST scribe Bryan Burk a few questions about the show. I think some people actually thought he was with the press. Sneaky Freddy!

Robert Englund – super cool guy. No wonder fans love him.

He can next be seen in 2001 MANIACS and HATCHET.

Source: JoBlo.com



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