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Furnace on fire

06.29.2006by: Matt Withers

Earlier this year Ammon gave you the heads up on William Butler's FURNACE. We knew the cast rocked with the likes of Danny Trejo, Michael Pare and Tom Sizemore on board. Plus it had a kick ass location in ye olde Nashville State Penitentiary. But the question remained, just what the hell is it about?

The Official Site has now launched and here's the brief synopsis: Detective Michael Turner investigates mysterious deaths that occur in and around a maximum-security prison. What begins as just another suicide and murder case unfolds into a furious struggle to uncover the unexplainable while escaping death at the hands of a vengeful spirit unleashed within the prison walls. The Grudge meets X-Files in a maximum-security prison.

I'm not sure that THE GRUDGE needs to meet THE X-FILES, since it basically is an X-File, but hyperbole aside this sounds like one helluva good time with the cast they've got. I mentioned Danny Trejo, right?

Here's a bit on the project from Butler: "The producers and I finished our first official cut last Friday and I am happy to report the movie kicks ass. I will have more to report on when the film is coming out as we get closer to locking the picture. I can tell you there are lots of companies looking into it - which is excellent news."

So go check out the Official Site for some promising goodies, and keep an eye out for more news and a trailer sometime between soon and not quite as soon.

Source: Official Site



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