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Halloween Costume Ideas

10.24.2006by: Scott Carmichael

Ladies and gentlemen, there is a very scary problem amongst us today; and that problem is store bought Halloween costumes. Don't get me wrong, I realize that party stores make the majority of their money during Halloween but these stores should be here for costume piece's, not the whole costume itself. Whatever happened to originality? When I was young my Dad spent a month making paper mache and chicken wire Bert & Ernie masks for him and my mom to wear.( And I have just realized how creepy that is to say!)

In the spirit of the season I have devised a plan to help everyone and I hope that everyone who reads this article will add post's with other ideas. Hopefully we can all help to see some more homemade costumes this year, because those are really the best ones. So here are a few ideas that I have had and hopefully they'll spark the imaginations of others.  

Man Walking into the Wind- This is a classic and the most basic. The best way to do it is to wear a suit and carry a briefcase. Straighten coat hangers and use them to make your jacket appear to be "blowing in the wind". Open the brief case and tape papers halfway out so they look like there blowing away. Now slick your hair back, and pin some leaves against your chest and legs. Now the final and most important touch is the walk.  Act like your walking into a gusting wind all night. Never be out of character. Simple enough?

Koopa Troopa- It seems that every Halloween party I go to there are people dressed as Mario and Luigi, but what about the other side of the coin. A koopa troopa would definitely be a crowd favorite. Simply cut the top off of a trucker style hat and cover in yellow felt. Pull down to your nose and this becomes your beak. Wear a bald cap colored the same as the felt. Wear a white turtle neck (no pun intended) and yellow tights with green/red booties. (Make these from felt depending on what colour your shell is. ) Now for the shell buy a laundry basket from a dollar store, cover in either green or red construction paper and put around your shoulders and under your arm pits with twine. (Like you would when you wear costume wings) And for the grand finale every time you see someone dressed as Mario/Luigi run at them and take them out at the knees.

The Big Lebowski- That's right, The Dude himself. I saw someone dressed as this last year and it looked awesome. Everyone loved the idea. Simply wear an old t-shirt that hasn't been washed, (Local thrift shop) jogging pants, and a bath robe. Top it off with some old school Ray Ban sunglasses and a white Russian in hand all night. As far as the beard and hair go, I find that the best way to do this is to purchase a "Biblical" wig/beard package. (These are the ones people generally wear to be Jesus at Halloween, which is strangely enough  becoming a more common costume.)

Well there are a couple of ideas to get you started. Please post as many ideas as you have below. Also if you have a myJoBlo account and pictures of you in your costume, post your name for that as well so we can all see your ideas.

Just as a side note, this year I will be slam-dunking my way through parties as Teen Wolf and my lady friend will be dressed as Rainbow Brite!

Happy Haunting all!


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