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Hot Fox on Hex set

04.27.2009by: Eric Walkuski

Earlier this month we pointed you toward some alluring images of Megan Fox on the set of JONAH HEX, which is currently filming in Louisiana under the direction of Jimmy Heywood. Those pics were sweet, but I dare say, not as sweet as these. Obviously, young Megan is all dolled up for her disfigured love, Mr. Hex, who is being portrayed by Josh Brolin. That bastard Brolin had better appreciate how good he has it now, what with his Coen Bros. movies, and Oscar nominations, and being married to MILF Diane Lane, and having a franchise of his own co-starring Megan Fox... That reminds me: F*CK YOU, Josh!

Anyway, head on over HERE for more pics of the delicious Ms. Fox, although they all look like these. Not to say you shouldn't actually go there, but I'm giving you the goods here. I hope you trust me.

JONAH HEX has a pretty awesome cast and crew at its disposal (the director of HORTON HEARS A WHO aside) including co-stars Michael Shannon, John Malkovich, and the fantastic Will Arnett. And of course, the script was penned by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor, directors of CRANK 1 and 2 (although they left the project on somewhat bad terms). It's scheduled to hit theaters next August. For now, we must make due with these... And make due we shall, friends...

Extra Tidbit: Just kiddin' Josh, big fan over here...
Source: Phun.org



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