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04.12.2006by: Ammon Gilbert
Rogue Pictures sent us the first 'press release' for their upcoming action comedy HOT FUZZ today, and boy does it sound great! Yes, it's not horror people, I know! But as it combines the creators and stars that brought us SHAUN OF THE DEAD, I figured you might be just a wee-bit interested.

Written by Simon Pegg (who also stars) and Edgar Wright (who also directs), and starring Nick Frost, as well as SHAUN's Martin Freeman and Bill Nighy, FUZZ is about an above-average cop (Pegg) who makes all other cops look bad. So his 'superiors' send him to a suburbanite town where nothing goes on, and teams him up with a oafish cop (Frost). But when a series of grisly crimes happen, Pegg's on the case, and will not stop until it's cracked. Word.

Currently filming in the UK with a finish date in early June, FUZZ is said to "give the police action genre the same treatment we gave the living dead"! Awesome! As SHAUN cracked my ass up, I can only imagine what these guys are gonna have in store for us. I mean, can you imagine? Buddy cop movies rock, and so does Pegg and Frost together on screen. What more do you need?

So stick around for more info. on HOT FUZZ, which is looking to hit theaters sometime next year.
Source: Rogue Pictures



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