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INT: Giuseppe Andrews

09.20.2003by: The Arrow

The Arrow interviews Giuseppe Andrews

"Cabin Fever" is now gracing our screen and painting it red. If you've seen it, I'm sure you've warmed up to the cop, the myth, the "Party Man" himself: Deputy Winston. I recently had the chance to catch up with the man behind the party animal, all-around kool dude Giuseppe Andrews. Here's what the actor, writer, director, musician and crazy ass mofo (that's a compliment) tossed my way.

ARROW: Youíve been in many high profile films such as "Independence Day", "Pleasantville", "Never Been Kissed" and more.† How did you fall into acting? Was it by fluke or had it always been long time goal?

GA: I was living in a van with my dad. weíd sleep in supermarket parking lots. We were dead ass motherfucking broke. We were stealing soda cans from the high school dumpsters....and my dad ate experimental pills for hospital surveys. One day, my dad answered an ad in the paper. They were looking for an older guy to get his hair cut for a hair infomercial. He went to the audition and got it. When he got to the set, they asked if he had a kid who could†ask him for hotdogs while he was getting his hair cut. I got the part. The director liked the way I asked for hotdogs and sent me to an agent friend of his who started sending me on calls. I started getting gigs right away.

ARROW: Youíve acted in one of my favorite films of all time: "American History X".† Is there anything specific (an event, the feel of the shootÖ) that stands out when you look back at that experience?

GA: My best scene was cut. Part of it is included on the DVD as a deleted scene. Itís me and another skinhead screaming at an old black homeless woman. We shot it on the Venice boardwalk and it was all ad-libbed. At a certain point during the scene, Tony (the director) sent a young black guy in to come to the old lady's defense. We didn't know he was coming into the scene and a fight broke out with me and the guy. I punched him in the face and a black guy with a skateboard hanging out in the crowd ran over to me and broke the skateboard across my back...it was the best scene in the film. Losing Tony K ruined the movie for me. Itís just a Hollywood hate film. They should have let the director make the movie he wanted to.

ARROW: I recently saw you in "Cabin Fever" as ďDeputy WinstonĒ and totally loved your performance. When you were first handed the script, what was it about the part that made you want to tackle it?

GA: I knew I could get my line about having "five pounds of dangling meat" in the film.

ARROW: Would you say that your chemistry with director Eli Roth was a positive one? How was your actor/director relationship?

GA: I love Eli. Heís not a phony motherfucker, we got the work done, had
some fun, talked about films and I can't wait to work for him again. And bless his heart for telling people about the films I have directed.

ARROW: If you were asked to play Deputy Winston again, would you do it?

GA: Of course. Deputy Winston can whup a spider monkey's ass (shout out to Wesley Willis r.i.p.) rock over London, rock on Chicago!

ARROW: Having visited your Official Site ( www.giuseppeandrewsfilms.com ), I saw that youíre a director yourself, putting out some pretty excessive stuff. What is it about this Guerilla type of filmmaking that appeals to you so much?

Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Freedom! Mother fuckin freedom! Mother fuckin freedom! Mother fuckin freedom! Mother fuckin freedom! Mother fuckin freedom!

ARROW: Fair enough. Do you have any plans to ever venture in a more mainstream market via your directorial efforts?

GA: Yes. I have just finished a script that I want†Eliís company to produce. Mr. T is gonna be in it. In one of the scenes he's reading, Ecce Homo by Nietzsche in a Border's book store and signing old ladies ass cheeks by the cash register...it's all gonna be filmed in downtown Hollywood...it's about Mexicans that win the lotto.

ARROW: Of all the films that youíve directed, which one are you most proud of and why?

GA: Iím proud of every motherfuckin one of them. Iím proud of my motherfuckin self for everything Iíve done. My films are the real America and I didn't just find a trailer park, make some films and go back to my condo. I live the life of a trailer park outlaw and I will until I move on into the next aluminum dimension.

ARROW: Youíre definitely a ďjack of all tradesĒ. You write (books and screenplays), direct and act. Which trade fulfills you the most as an artist and why?

GA: Iím also a musician. Iím gonna find a way to release my tool shed recordings in the future. For the past four years, Iíve been recording music in a tool shed behind my dad's trailer that I used to live in before I saved up enough dough to buy my own rig. There's two volumes of music.. "Vol. 1 My Brother's a Wolf" and "Vol.2 Children's Bibles". I'm also gonna make a record next year under the band name HOBO JUNGLE and I will be doing the soundtrack for the film I want Eli to produce. I will continue to move from trailer park to trailer park making movies and writing books. They all mean everything to me. Each medium is a friend to me. They are my life.

ARROW: Whatís next on your plate directing, writing and acting wise?

GA: Acting-wise, I don't know. Iím auditioning. I starred in an independent film called "Tweek City" that's coming out next year. Itís the best acting Iíve done and hopefully that'll start a buzz. Directing-wise, I have just finished a film called "January" about a manic month in the life of two death metal musician brothers "Beethoven" and "Mozart". "Beethoven" has fathered an out-of-wedlock set of conjoined twins. He feels so guilty and he's so fucked up on cough medicine that he attaches a "dummy" to his own head and wears it every day as a tribute to the lives he has created. His brother "Mozart" who was shot by "Beethoven" no longer has the use of his legs and now depends on "Beethoven" to get his beloved food (spam like) canned "Squirrel Meat" at the 99 cent store. The film is inner cut with live footage from "Self induced Pain", the brother's band.

I have also finished "Trailer Town 2" about an 80-year old comic named O'Henry who incorporates a horse persona into his act named "Mr. Ted" (Mr. Ed's wild outspoken brother). He has written a book called "Barn Door Messages" that he thinks is gonna make him a household name. He meets up with another comic in the park who's girlfriend Pilates runs a local bookstore. She agrees at first to sell the "Mr. Ted" book but then backs out at the last second because of the book's racist content. O'Henry who has recently gone on the wagon and quit Americaís new favorite alcoholic beverage "PUSSY JUICE", relapses when he finds out his book isn't going into the store and goes insane. Next month, Iíll be starting "Trailer Town 3"...called "Kiss the Cook". The trailer park residents start cooking speed in huge quantities in their trailers and selling it to the local gang members in exchange for pit bulls. Iím also working on another script that Iím writing just for Mr. T and lastly, Iím also writing another book called "Dick Nose".

I'd like to thank Giuseppe for his time and wish him the best in all of his endeavors. ROCK ON, BROTHER! Check out the man's off-the-wall site here and if you haven't seen it yet, rush to your theatres and hit up "Cabin Fever". This Bud's for you, Giuseppe! CHEERS!



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