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Intl Prom Night trailer

02.14.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
PROM NIGHT is one flick (of many) that really didn't need to be remade, but now that it has and we get to look forward to checking it out this year, I can still say that it didn't need to be remade. Especially after checking out the new international trailer...

Most times, the international trailer shows all the good stuff from a movie, the trailer is usually better in terms of money shots and all around goodness, and if you are ever on the fence about a flick, the international trailer is usually the one to sway you towards checking it out... and PROM NIGHT's international trailer does none of the above.

It still looks like trash, and (even more than before) doesn't look anything like the original. The only similarity? The actual prom night. That's it. SCREAM was more of a PROM NIGHT remake than this p.o.s.. To see what the flock I'm talking about, click HERE.

Maybe if they renamed it to HORROR AT THE HILTON or HOTEL STALKER or something that more has to do with the horror of the movie takes place in a high rise hotel, and less about the actual prom, I might be a bit more interested.

Have a blast with INTERNATIONAL TRAILER, and spit some bullets below on your thoughts. Is it gonna rock, or is it gonna blow? We will soon find out on April 11th, when PROM NIGHT is unleased upon the world.

Brittany Snow... the only redeeming value to this movie...
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