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Jessica Alba and Robert Rodriguez are talking about Sin City 2

12.21.2010by: Eric Walkuski

This is one of those stories where an actor neither confirms nor denies that they're appearing in a movie - or even if the movie is happening at all. Don't you love these? Sorry, but news is slow today; plus I needed an excuse to post pictures of Jessica Alba. (Just kidding, I don't need an excuse for that.)

While out promoting her surely-godawful movie LITTLE FOCKERS, Jessica Alba had occasion to talk a little about Robert Rodriguez and SIN CITY 2, a movie which people are always talking about maybe happening.

“We were just talking about that actually in Austin, so we’ll see,” Alba told IndieWire. “We kind of talk about ‘Sin City’ every now and again, it comes up. We both love doing it, and we’d like to do it again it’s just kind of, you know, a matter of time I think.”

Alba just shot SPY KIDS 4 with Rodriguez, because that movie's really necessary. Seems to me that if they can find the time to make that, they can fit a little SIN CITY 2 in there, right?

Extra Tidbit: I wonder how Rodriguez feels about Alba never using his scripts.
Source: IndieWire



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