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Jones talks HBII

01.18.2008by: Ammon Gilbert
The success of Doug Jones is rather interesting and little perplexing at the same time. Why? The guy's famous... for playing roles that (essentially) hide his face, and rely on body movement alone -- usually under layers and layers of prosthetics and special effects, or overdone with a touch of CGI. The fact that you, me, and your f*cking mom knows the guy's name is amazing, but that people actually give a shite about what he has to say is flippin' mind blowing.

Case in point is his recent interview with iF Magazine. They didn't want to talk to Jones about HELLBOY II because the other members of the cast (like the gorgeous Selma Blair) weren't available, they wanted to talk with him because you, me, and (that's right) your f*cking mom want to know what he has to say!

He discusses all sorts of cool things about HBII, including where his character (Abe Sapien) goes, as well as some of the other characters he gets to play in the film (yup, that's the glory with working under special effects - you can play more than one character, and no one is the wiser)! Check it:

[Director] Guillermo [Del Toro] wrote such a beautiful role for Abe this time, in addition to my two other roles in this film. I also play the Angel of Death and the Chamberlain, which is a smaller role, but both of those roles turned out to be yummy delicious moments of fun. The Angel of Death especially, I got goosebumps reading the script and people would come up and tell me that I gave them goosebumps on set, so it worked!

Goosebumps for a comic book movie sequel? Now that's what I call f*cking cool. Jones also goes into more Abe detail, and what he does to cats he doesn't like... to check out all the gory details, go ahead and click HERE and get ready for HELLBOY II: THE GOLDEN ARMY in theaters this summer.

Source: iF Magazine



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