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Karyn Kusama helms XYZ Film's new thriller The Invitation, to sell at Cannes

05.11.2012by: Jake Dee

With the Cannes market headed fast down the pike, we're hearing of all kinds of new potential genre sellers. The latest example is THE INVITATION from XYZ Films, a thriller starring Luke Wilson, Zachary Quinto, Topher Grace and Johnny Galecki. If you gotta minute, check out what this sumbitch entails below!

With Karyn Kusama directing (JENNIFER'S BODY) from a script by Phil Hay and Matt Manfredi (CLASH OF THE TITANS, R.I.P.D.) - THE INVITATION is assigned when:

On a dark night, Will (Luke Wilson) is invited to his estranged ex-wife's dinner party. Over the course of the evening, he is gripped by mounting evidence that something insidious has taken hold of his ex-wife, and that she and her new friends have a mysterious and horrifying agenda. By the end of the night, the ramifications of what happens in this house will spread far beyond its doors.

Solid setup, no? Even more interesting is how these actors, mostly known for hit TV shows ("American Horror Story", "That 70s Show" and "The Big Bang Theory"), will fare with the material. I realize they're all established film actors as well, but how the approach changes (if at all) from one medium to another is fascinating to think about.

Celluloid Nightmares will start sells on THE INVITATION at Cannes later this month.


Extra Tidbit: How do you like the foursome of Wilson, Grace, Galecki and Quinto? Think they'll make an interesting crew on screen?
Source: XYZ Films



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