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Leerhsen's Message trlr.

04.09.2009by: Mike Catalano

It's nice to see classy scream queen Erica Leerhsen coming out with another genre offering for us. She's super talented and so darn easy on the eyes. Get THE MESSAGE? Ugh, I apologize for introducing the flick's title through that lame pun, but I'm on my pseudo "Spring Break" and "Grampa's Old Cough Medicine" is still flowing strong.

Anyways, the brand new trailer for Ms. Leerhsen's THE MESSAGE has just hit the web and I do feel that it is definitely worth checking out. It's got some sort of religious horror aspect going on as well as lots of fast cuts. In fact, I don't think more than a single line of dialogue is spoken. Yet, this lack of language actually makes for a pretty chilling effect. Please, click right below to see if I'm right or nuts/drunk.

The plot preaches like this: A young wife and mother of two children is challenged to overcome her passive beliefs on religion after a serious car accident. Receiving haunting images of her past she is forced to make a decision that will decide her fate. Searching for the true meaning of our existence she comes to the end of her journey and believes she has only two choices in the eyes of God; do not have faith and die or have faith and....die.

Whoa, that's pretty heavy and I'm not talking about a problem with the Earth's gravitational pull. THE MESSAGE was directed by Thomas P. Clay who co-wrote the script with Joan Jeby Fine. In addition to Ms. Leerhsen, the rest of the cast includes David Fine, Georgia Chris, Kate Holliday, and Elizabeth Fendrick. It's looking to release some time in 2009.

Extra Tidbit: Erica's character's name in the TEXAS CHAINSAW remake was "Pepper". I just find that cute.
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