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Leprechaun update

08.14.2008by: Ammon Gilbert

Just yesterday we reported that Darren Lynn Bousman told MTV Movies Blog about wanting to direct the next LEPRECHAUN movie. Seemed a bit far-fetched and out there--but definitely plausible. Shortly thereafter, Bousman responded to the report via his MySpace page. Check out his response below:

Ahhh, the internet...

I awake this morning to see the net abuzz with my two attachments this morning - first to MOTHERS DAY, then to Leprechaun...

Jesus PEOPLE...

Come on... Seriously?

First off, YES I did say I wanted to revamp Leprechaun... But the context was in the form of a short film... I was approached to do a series of short films at one point. They were these comedy shorts. When I asked if I had any ideas I said "What about Leprechaun in the old west". As if this was some sort of news... Mind you, this was after Saw II.

While promoting Repo - people have asked me about it... I joke with all of them... HELL YES, Leprechaun in the old west...

I guess, I am a quasi public figure, so anything is fair game, but SERIOUSLY...

Got to go, having a meeting to discuss the remake of SLEEPAWAY CAMP!

much love,

He's remaking SLEEPAWAY CAMP???? Hey, at least the guy has a sense of humor about it all. Ok, so no LEPRECHAUN IN THE WEST, but ya gotta admit... it's a pretty damn good idea!

Source: MySpace



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