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01.17.2005by: Ammon Gilbert

Being a fan of the entire FRIDAY THE 13TH series, it's always a pleasure when we get to see some of the young starlets show up somewhere else.

Lar Park Lincoln, also known as Tina, the hottie with psychic powers from FRIDAY THE 13th PART 7: THE NEW BLOOD, is one of those surviving victims who's hard to forget (yep, that's her with badass Kane Hodder).

Now she's the star of yet another horror flick called BIT PARTS, starring alongside Joe Glass and Ivan Jones. It's about a couple of propmakers looking to make it big in the movies by sawing off and stealing an arm to use as a prop in the latest NIGHT OF THE ZOMBIE picture. Only problem is, the corpse they took it from wants his arm back, and will stop at nothing to get it. Insert stalking and slaughtering of young chicks in short skirts here.

Think BODY PARTS meets FRIDAY THE 13TH, filled with hotties in short skirts (and a whole lot less). Looks like some fun shit, and who can ever pass up Lincoln stretching her lungs on the big screen? Click HERE to check out the official site.

While you're there, you can watch the entertaining as hell trailer, and also check out the label called 'Interviews', where they actually talk to folks about using a real life arm as a prop in their movie. It's pretty damn funny. Can't wait for this one to make it's way to the theater (or at least to DVD).

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