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Aug. 24, 2012by: Jake Dee

Horror Ten Spot: Experiments Gone Horribly Awry!

As summer crawls to a close, we're sadly only left with a few PG-13 horror shows on the theatrical docket. A prime example is THE APPARITION, out today, about a couple who becomes increasingly tormented by a paranormal presence in their new abode. Under the guise of a haunted house film, apparently a college science experiment is what actually springboards the curse in question. Makes sense, as scientific experimentation gone terribly awry has long been a staple of the horror and sci-fi genres. As such, we thought, why not take this opportunity to examine the sickest of the sort. You down with that?! Good. Then get out the Walter White lab-coat, the beaker, the Bunsen burner, the goggles...and take a hard look at some of the Top Ten Most Horrific Experiments seen in film.
Spitting Bullets
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